Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things I Know...

I know that two brothers can keep each other entertained for hours.

I know that no matter how much you plan, you can never get everything done on your list in one day.

I know that sleeping in a Star Wars tent is ever so much more exciting than your own bed.

I know that my husband would sell his car for an IPad and gladly walk to work.

I know that laundry can spontaneously generate.

I know that when I was 2 and 5, I couldn't have worked a computer the way these boys do.

I know that potty training is the biggest test of parenting (so far).

I know that church callings are as much for our growth as for the people we serve.

I know that my family is more important to me than anything on earth.

I know that I am loved beyond what I deserve.

And finally, I know that I have been behind on the blog-- so I am going to catch up now!


  1. Those boys are so dang cute! Can you package them up and send them our way?

  2. Sweet thoughts. Miss you guys!