Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Valentines

Valentine's Day is over and that means it's time to concentrate on the next holiday(s).  This is how we count the time.  St. Patrick's Day, Daddy's birthday, Easter, then summer.  Hayden is convinced that summer is just around the corner because there are only a few holidays left before then.  We've had some nice weather lately, which makes me think he may be right.  But this is Idaho, and it's never safe to bet that winter is over.

Noah has a habit of getting out of bed a few (sometimes 10) times at night before he falls asleep.  Hayden is snoring away almost immediately, but not the younger one.  He's the Clark of the family.  Wants to be part of whatever perceived party is going on downstairs.  We've tried to remedy this by putting him back in his crib thinking we may have moved him to the bunk beds too soon.  We've threatened to move him to a different room.  We trudge up those stairs multiple times hoping every time is the last.  He sneaks down the stairs, mostly hiding his face so we can't see him, and usually ends up at the couch before we know he's up.  I'm really reluctant to encourage this trend, and we usually try to rush him back upstairs A.S.A.P.  But how can I say no to snuggling on the couch with him and watching "American Idol"?  He seems to get a big kick out of it, and we have some interesting conversations.  The other night, he looked over at me and said, "Mama, should we have another baby?"  I'm not sure there is any other two-year-old that's quite like this one.


  1. Noah is too smart. And Hayden sleeps like me! :) As for Noah getting up all the time...good luck?!? I have no advice for you, mostly do to the fact that your kids are too cute to say no to!

  2. I think Noah has a good idea about more babies!